Ayurvedic Me


"Angie's lovely warm, grounded and incredibly consistent presence provides a perfect foundation for her to work deeply and effectively with whatever needs to happen. The massages are the best I ever had and every time I've seen Angie, I've left feeing relaxed, energised, re-centered and more empowered to look after my well being." (Tom Kenward)

"I visited Angie during the summer to seek help and advice about my poor digestion. The consultation began with a warm welcome and a cup of tea in a relaxed, inviting space. Angie lead me through a gentle but in depth exploration of my concerns. She explored the history of my eating patterns and how they might link to emotional events or illness and also my current well-being and approach to diet. Angie made it easy to be open and honest in my answers. I was surprised to find that Angle's interpretation and the changes she suggested were very simple. To my great relief she didn't ask me to exclude anything from my diet. Rather I was asked to make small tweaks to the manner in which I ate. It was a revelation to discover that such tiny changes had such a great impact on my digestion so quickly. Everything Angie counselled was easy to apply and actually made sense to me. Instead of feeling faddish or difficult to maintain the changes have been easily assimilated into my everyday life. I got the result I wanted after just a single session with Angie but chose to revisit for a follow up and a really exquisite massage. Angie beautifully balances the spiritual with the practical to get results that feel effortless." (Sarah McCullough)

"Having tried various therapies, I decided to consult Angie because I was impressed with her extensive knowledge and expertise in both traditional Western and Ayurvedic medicine. On meeting her, I was struck by her warmth and kindness and it was clear that she had an in-depth understanding of my condition. Throughout the time I have been seeing her Angie has been highly supportive. Together with the treatments and prescriptions, she has given me an abundance of invaluable advice with regard my lifestyle and diet and this has had a significant impact on my health and well being. I am now totally pain free, have more energy and feel healthier and happier than I have in a long while. Angie is an exceptional practitioner and I cannot recommend her highly enough." (Finola Curtin)

"The whole experience of the treatment was fantastic. It allowed me to relax to an extent that I hadn't experienced for a long while, and left me calm, composed and rejuvenated. If only I could start every day like that." (Dan Collins)

"In 2008, I went to the Ayurvedic practitioner Angie Fraser[-Moore] for a series of treatments for an ongoing painful shoulder/neck which had been very troubling for a number of months. Angie arranged a series of customised massages, following an in-depth personal questionnaire in an effort to ascertain the nature of the problem and subsequently the most appropriate form of treatment (including oils, type of massage, follow-up). My symptoms disappeared very quickly and have not returned since and the whole experience was extremely pleasant - it definitely beat months of anti-inflammatories and possibly having to wear a sling! I have great faith in Angie's professional approach, as not only is she very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Ayurveda, but underpinning all of this is a pharmacology degree - she integrates the scientific with the holistic and as a result is able to offer her clients the highest standard of care." (Dr Nora McCarthy)

"I found the massage enjoyable and healing on a deep level. Angie encouraged me to take better care of myself in a truly respectful and knowledgeable way. I highly recommend her." (Helen Simpson)